Embracing Your Uniqueness

Updated: Apr 18

Feeling that you're different can be anxiety-inducing.

Society wants us all to conform and fit into certain boxes.

But guess what? Every human is completely and utterly unique.

Different genetically, emotionally and physically. Every single experience you've had adds to that and means your ideas and thoughts are incomparable.

Only you have the specific friendship with Kris that comes into your work for a chat.

Only you get goose bumps to certain songs.

Only you have a specific vision for success.

No one else thinks the exact way you do. Isn't that profound?

I used to second-guess everything I did and was.

Am I enough? Am I doing it right?

Now I change it around: How can I make my unique point of view work in my favour?

Now I embrace my what makes me, well, me.

Almost everyone I meet thinks I'm interesting and engaging and full of ideas.

Try to think of yourself the way others would.

What have you embraced about yourself that you didn't used to?

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