Organising Your Home/Work Space

Updated: Apr 18

Are you an organised person?

Sorting my clothes, jewellery, shoes and documents into an organised and neat place made me realise how much a tidy space = a tidy mind. Not only a tidy mind - but a productive one, too.

I now invest my time in making my space an environment I enjoy. It helps with concentration, creativity and efficiency.

When you work at home like I do it's bloody important.

I use a diffuser for a pleasant and calming aroma, bold artwork to bring colour to my walls.

Everything has a place

Seeing my personal and office space organised in a way I like really does make a difference.

It calms the mind and makes me feel like I've got my sh*t together.

Order is important for a busy brain.

We don't always feel motivated to do things like sort or tidy, but on a good day, I get stuck in and feel amazing afterward. Like a weight has been lifted I'm off my shoulders.

I also make sure I do clear-outs every few months and donate my clothes and unwanted / unused items.

The less stuff you have the less stress - less to clean, less choice in the morning about what to wear and less clutter.

Have things you truly love, that bring you joy (note the omission of the phrase "spark joy" - I'll leave that to Marie Kondo) colour and vibrancy to your world.

Love the space you live in, organise it how you like and it can aid a change in mindset from a busy one to a lighter, more positive one.

It made a substantial difference to my mood, maybe it could for you too.

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