3 Tips On How To Market To A Female Demographic

Did you know that only 9% of females believe they are marketed to effectively?

"Today’s modern female audience is savvy, smart, and doesn’t need to be pandered to by outdated patronizing marketing tactics." - socialtoaster.com

Since I was young I've heard the phrase "Women are complicated" a lot.

But - are we? The short answer is no, at least, not from a marketing perspective.

Despite increasing conversations around equality, science tells us females have different buying habits and behaviours.

"Considering women control more than 85% of purchases across a range of categories, many brands are missing a valuable opportunity" - insightsinmarketing.com

So what are the fundamentals - and how can we use them to our advantage?

1) Connect by creating compelling content

Females need compelling content in order to connect with a brand.

Considering 60% of women will only share content that is thought-provoking and intelligent, and a massive 70% of women will only share content that makes them laugh, its a no-brainer:

Create content that provokes an emotion. That is to say, entertains, inspires, educates or evokes a stronger response like laughter or empathy.

Key takeaway: create content that connects to and speaks to the female audience.

2) Show Your Brand Values

A really effective way of targeting a specific female audience and to market to them accordingly is to have the same values as them.

It may come as no surprise that Gen Z and Milennial consumers are sensitive to brands messaging. Therefore, as a brand it is invaluable to show your audience social causes you care about.

Ask yourself what causes are you aligned with? How can you convey that through your marketing?

"Aim to be a brand that supports the same values as your women audience. Make it your corporate social responsibility (CSR) to contribute to and take substantial action toward social causes that matter to your audience. Invest time and resources into making a difference" - martechadvisor.com

Key takeaway: Brand values will bring more loyal female consumers to the table.

3) Steer clear of stereotypes and generalisations

As lovely as the colour pink is, we're modern-day women and don't need to be lumped together in one neat little marketing package.

Needs, desires, expectations and buying triggers are wildly different between a stay-at-home new Mum in rural Queensland and a career-driven new mum in Sydney.

That goes for a woman in her mid 20's compared to one who's retired.

Key takeaway: develop messaging that speaks to a specific group - the more specific, the better. Split your marketing into clear, separated female demographics and it'll make the world of difference.

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